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“From industry icons to the personalities of tomorrow - an exciting and eclectic portfolio of multi-talented TV & radio presenters and experts.”

Young, focused and fanatical about what we do, we're a rapidly expanding artiste representation agency, specialising in personalities from different genres and fields of TV & Radio and specific expertise. If you'd like to find out how we can work together, please contact us:

tel: +44 (0)20 7183 4330 | email: enquiries@talent4media.com

Whatever the nature of your enquiry, we will always endeavour to respond.

Jo Carlton - Founder & Senior Agent.

As one the most respected faces in celebrity management and casting, Jo Carlton brings her own unique dimension to the industry and its needs. Proactive, highly knowledgeable and with a strong grasp across all media, she is also one of the youngest directors ever to head up an agency of its kind.

Working intimately with her portfolios, Jo helps presenters and experts to develop their artistic identity, whilst also providing her corporate clientele with outstanding talent to maximise their brand impact. By managing a wide diversity of personalities, she ensures that her clients always work with the right people.

Before founding Talent4 Media, Jo spent 12 highly successful years managing Unique Management and Celebrity Casting; and it is a testament to her exceptional abilities that all her previous clients opted to remain with her when she launched her new venture.

Jo Carlton studied English and Drama at Cambridge University. Before becoming a talent management agent, she worked in the film casting and celebrity endorsement industries.

tv - radio broadcast - voiceover - print - corporate